• Every customer that we collaborate with is unique and we want to tailor our products and services to you. We have many solutions for you. Whether you are eating in the classroom in congregate or you are running a take-away or curbside Grab 'n Go Program, we are here to help.

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    Grab 'n Go Meal Solutions

    Curbside or take-away -- boxes or bags -- one-day or five-day -- fresh or frozen -- we are here to support your unique programs. Let us know what you need.

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    Congregate Meal Solutions

    If you are back in session or you are returning to in-person learning soon we have amazing and affordable food solutions and meal programs for you for the "new norm."

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    Unitized Meals/Components

    If you are looking for full-meal solutions or component meals we offer an amazing array of customized solutions that you can use in your unique programs.

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    Individually Wrapped Foods

    If you are building your own box or bag or just looking for novel ideas for "in-class" eating we have a wide array of amazing individually wrapped food items for you.

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